Hands on Science (STEM, Intense)

This class will provide unique hands on experiences that will spark imaginative learning

Students will use scientific methods to investigate, explore and make informed decisions.

We will focus on different topics:

Physical science: matter, forms of energy
Earth science: fossils
Life Science: ecosystems, pollinators and habitats; solar system
Physics: motion, sound, the power of the sun/ electricity
Chemistry: physical changes

Snap curcuits 

Preteens and teens who participate in outdoor education programs demonstrate improved social and stewardship skills and better performance at school. We will go outdoors to study a watershed in a wildlife habitat. Also we will explore nature awareness and mindfulness by taking a close look at a life of a tree. 

This class will provide a semester of interactive experiences built around TEKS, Jon Young and Project Wild Aquatic. STEM oriented.

This class is designed for ages 9 and older.

Class Info
Sunday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
$ 140/ Semester
Per week: 
9 and Up
Special Requirements: 
Materials included