Musical Ensemble for Beginners

Students will learn to play several musical instruments, including Keyboard, Dholak, Cymbols, and Flute.

During the first half-hour, basic musical notes will be taught on the keyboard and flute, using the Indian musical scale:  Sa, Re, Ga, ma, Pa, Dha, Ni.   To learn rhythm, students will study basic dholak and cymbols beats.  Group Ensemble session will be held the last half hour of class to learn to play together as a group.  We will sometimes use professional musical recorded tracks as a base, and students will play along with the professional recorded musicians.  Playing by ear, improvising musical tunes and rhythms will be the basic platform of this class.


Class Info
Wednesday from 3 PM to 4 PM and 6: 30 PM to 7: 30 PM
$ 140/ Semester
Per week: 
7 and Up