What is Shiksha?

Shiksha is a new enrichment school in South Austin.  Shiksha in Sanskrit means education.  Shiksha is a vibrant and active educational community that provides enrichment classes to students aged 4 to 18. Some classes are offered seperately for adults/ interested parents.

What kind of classes does Shiksha offer?

Shiksha offers 17 different classes in the diverse areas of classical music, dance, drama, language, Hinduism, yoga, Vedic math, chess and academic enrichment classes under one roof.

When and where are Shiksha’s classes held?

Shiksha’s classes are held every Sunday at Radha Madhav Dham.  Saturdays are resserved for private sessions and workshops.

Shiksha’s calendar follows that of Austin K-12 school system – providing a consistent, year-long extracurricular enrichment for children.   Please refer to Calendar for more detail.

When will classes begin?

Classes for the first semester of 2017/2018 school year begin on August 27. Refer to the Calender. Online registration is available.

How old does my child have to be to attend Shiksha?

Different classes at Shiksha have different age requirements.  Please refer to Classes description/ timetable for more details.  In general, Shiksha accepts students aged 4 to 18.

Are classes at Shiksha free?

No.  Each class has a fee and fees are indicated per semester. In 2017-18 the assembly class and the classes for adults are offered free of cost.

Do I have to pay $30 registration fee every semester?

No.  Registration fee is paid once per year. Semester fees are collected in August.

How will Shiksha benefit students?

Students are the focus of Shiksha.  As parents, we feel responsible to introduce our children to the customs and traditions we grew up with and value so much.   We also want to make sure they learn properly and from qualified teachers.

At Shiksha, students choose from a variety of extracurricular topics and learn the subjects of their interest from qualified teachers.  In addition to enriching children’s spiritual and cultural development through traditional classes in Hinduism, Dance, Music, Art and Indian Languages. Shiksha teaches them unique skills they can use to excel among their peers in school by offering classes in Vedic Math and Enrichment.

Being at Shiksha opens doors for our students to explore the many treasures of Indian and Hindu culture.Classes are small so that the unique strengths of a child can be supported and brought out.  Students will gain an educational ‘edge’.

Shiksha will provide an environment where students will want to come back to, enjoy learning with others and apply what they will learn.  Students will create friendship that can last a lifetime.

What can the parents expect by sending their children to Shiksha?

First, almost all of our teachers here at Shiksha are parents themselves.  They are not only friendly, caring and trustworthy, but they are also experts or performing artists in their respective fields. Many have won awards and recognition for their work.

Parents can expect classes at Shiksha to be structured, regular and taught by passionate, dedicated and qualified teachers.  The school year is divided into two semesters.  Our teachers will follow a well-defined, comprehensive curriculum during these semesters.  And most importantly, Parents can expect their children learn to excel at what they do best while being in a safe, nurturing environment of the most caring teachers.

What can I do as a parent when my child is attending a class?

There are a whole host of fun and fulfilling activities for you to get involved in during class time, including 1) Volunteering 2) Attending satsang in the temple which includes spiritual discourse, kirtan, meditation and arti 3) Enjoying of some “me” time in the beautiful 200 acre serene landscape of Radha Madhav Dham, alone or via guided tour.

8:30-12:30- Parent activities and volunteering Oppertunities

11:30am – 12:30pm  Satsang or volunteer opportunities

Can I teach at Shiksha?

Sure.  Please visit Contact Us and let us know your passion. Teachers are hiried based on formal interview process.

Do I have to register for four classes?

Although we encourage every student to register for a maximum of three classes, students can choose to take one, two or three classes.

Is Shiksha a non-profit organization?

Yes.  Shiksha is a non-profit educational organization, created to provide cultural educational opportunities to the youth of Austin, TX.