Volunteers are vital to the success of Shiksha. Shiksha encourages and promotes the support of volunteers in order to expand and enhance parental and community involvement while maintaining safety and security for all students and teachers. Shiksha encourages and appreciates the many efforts of Shiksha’s volunteers who give so willingly of their time to help support the teachers and students of Shiksha. 

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Volunteers know and understand Shiksha’s mission statement.
  • Volunteers will serve as positive role models.
  • Volunteers should be prompt and dependable.
  • Should unexpected circumstance occur, the volunteer should notify the school of the planned absence.
  • The dress code for volunteers is to dress appropriately to the temple and school environment.
  • Volunteers must keep any information about a student or school related information confidential.
  • If there is a safety concern or an emergency issue, it must be brought to the attention of the Principal or other staff member in authority immediately.
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