Media Opt Out Form

Please sign and return form only if you DO NOT want your child to be photographed or Filmed

Dear Parents or Guardians, 

In order to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students, photos and videos are created by Shiksha to share among Shiksha community and on our websites. 

There are times when Shiksha may be featured in various media. TV, radio stations, newspaper or magazines may wish to photograph and/or film your child in relation to an interview or a story about our classes, school or students. Your child’s name, grade or classes attending may be included in the report. Classrooms may also participate in video conferencing, video taping the class for practice at home or recording of performances. 

Shiksha is also visited by other community organizations, partners or temple visitors. We will make every effort to honor your request, however, please be aware that then there may be circumstances when your child may be photographed or filmed beyond our control. Please inform your wishes to your child so that s/he is aware if you do not your child to be filmed or photographed. 

Please sign and return the form to Shiksha office or to your child’s teacher before Day 1 of classes if you DO NOT want your child to be photographed or filmed. If you have further questions, please contact our Principal. Email -