Hands on Science (STEM)

This class will provide unique hands on experiences that will spark imaginative learning

Students of this class will explore and investigate as scientists: 

Earth Science: Earth Rotation, Volcano, Weather 
Life Science: Observe cells
Ecology: Ecosystems
Physics: Forces and Energy: Gravity, Magnetism

Snap Curcuits

Studies show that curriculums with an outdoor learning component drastically improve overall student performance, particulary in science and math.
We will explore the beautiful outdoors by hiking, investigating Ants on Parade, Spider Web Wonders and Nature Awareness and other marvels at RMD. Kids will be able to earn badges from the Wild Explorers Program.

In Hands on Science we will follow a curriculum that meets the TEKS Standards, Head Start Domains and NAEYC Accrediation Criteria. STEM oriented. 

This class is designed for the ages 5 to 9 years old.

Class Info
Sunday from 11:30 PM - 12:30 PM
$ 140/ Semester
Per week: 
5 years and up
Special Requirements: 
Materials included