Registration policy and procedure

The following items are required components of your application.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with our application process. 

  • Start your application with the Registration Form. (Parents can create an account with email and password)
  • Online submission is required. You are encouraged to submit the registration forms once a year well before the beginning of classes.
  • The non-refundable application fee is $30 for each applicants.

To Do Before Applying:

  • Read and agree to Student-Parent Responsibilities.
  • Pay close attention to the School Calendar for class dates and events to plan accordingly. (Excessive absenteeism without valid reason is discouraged).
  •  Carefully refer to the timetable and choose classes based on students’ interest and willingness to commit.
    • Optional: Complete and submit Media Opt Out form only if you DO NOT wish to celebrate your child’s many accomplishments via media publications in the school and in the community.  

After Completing Registration Form:

  • Ensure receipt of registration and payment in your email provided upon registration.
  • Attend Shiksha Open House, meet with your teachers and take a tour of our classes and campus.
  • Make a note of any special requirements or supplies for your class and come prepared to explore learning.
  • If you are a new to any of the classes and would like to observe part of a class free of cost, prior approval from the office and consent from the teacher is required. Contact our office and/or class teacher.

Payment Policies:

  • Full tuition is due upon registration in August for Fall Semester. Spring Semester tuition is due in January.
  • You can make payments online, by mail or stop by our office in person. Payments are due by Day 1 of classes each semester.
  • If you wish to enroll in payment plan, prior approval is required. Contact our office.
  • If your payment is not received by 10/15/2017, $30.00 late fee will be applied to your total.

Tuition Refund Policies:

  • 70% of your class payments are paid to teachers.
  • Shiksha recommends at least three student-enrollment in a class. If a class has less than three students, we will notify you via email ahead of time before cancelling and provide full tuition refund for that particular class.
  • No Refunds or Credits applied to
    • Student absenteeism. If a teacher is absent, a substitute will be in the class or makeup classes will be provided by the teacher for any teacher missed classes.
    • Under circumstances where teacher is absent long-term, replacement teacher will be hired and no refunds will be provided.
    • Refrain from switching classes after Day 2. Refunds or credits may not be applied to such changes.